As a Scam Victim 'Where Do I Start'?
Begin By Selecting The Knowledge You Need

Essential Knowledge & Support for Scam Victims

For new scam victims, whether is was a romance scam, a crypto investment scam, or another kind, this information will get you started off right and provide the important knowledge you need to get started on your recovery.


Essential Knowledge & Support for Scam Victims
Sextortion Scams Essentials on SCARS

Essential Knowledge For New Sextortion Scam Victims!

The criminals want you to be scared and freak out, but hold it together! You can make it through this. We know, we have helped loads before you! This is happening to literally millions of others just like you! It’s you right now, but it will be someone else a minute from now. This is how it works.


Child Online Safety – A Children’s Internet Safety Guide For Parents

Child online safety awareness is one of the most important things in today’s digital world, where children are increasingly exposed to the internet’s vast and often unregulated content.


Children's Online Safety Guide by SCARS on ScamVictimsSupport.orgChildren's Online Safety Guide by SCARS on

SCARS Institute Scam Survivor’s School 

Available Free for Scam Victims/Survivors. Our unique SCARS Institute Scam Survivor’s School will help scam victims like never before to recover from their experience. This course provides features not available in any other scam victims’ program.


Telling Your Story Is Important!

For Scam Victims, the Need to Tell Their Stories – the Need for Acceptance is Very Real! Being Accepted is a Basic Primal Need we all have! When Scam Victims tell their Stories they Seek and Receive Acceptance!


Telling Your Story Is Important
Copyright Basics & Takedowns for Scam Victims

Copyright Basics & Takedowns for Scam Victims

When someone posts your photos online you have a Powerful Tool to get them taken down quickly! Forget reporting fakes in the normal way. Get the social media’s legal department to remove them! Use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act – it works everywhere and it works fast!


For Police Officers:
Helping Local Police Interact with Scam Victims and How to Make a Difference

Basic Guidelines on Approaching & Interacting with Victims of Cyber-Enabled Crime (Online/Phone Scams) and Actions Local Law Enforcement Officers Can Take!


For Police Officers: Interacting With Scam Victims And How To Make A Difference
SCARS Institute Studies & Surviews

SCARS Institute Scam Related Studies & Surveys

Helping SCARS Institute and Others Better Understand the Scam Victim/Survivor Experience. Important Information to Better Help & Support Scam Victims/Survivors


2024 SCARS 10th Year Supporting Scam Victims Worldwide

Getting Started with the Right Knowledge!

New scam victims often struggle to comprehend what happened and may blame themselves. SCARS provides vital education and support to help victims understand they were targeted by skilled criminals, and it was not their fault.

With SCARS guidance and support, victims can begin their recovery journey free from blame, guilt, and shame.

For Adults Join a SCARS Support & Recovery Group Today!

It Was Not Your Fault!

Blaming scam victims perpetuates stigma and undermines their recovery. Victims are targeted by skilled manipulators, and assigning fault ignores the predatory tactics used. Instead, fostering empathy and support helps victims heal. Understanding scams’ complexities and providing resources empowers victims to reclaim their dignity and move forward with resilience.

New scam victims often face significant challenges in understanding what happened to them. The tactics employed by scammers are often sophisticated, leaving scam victims confused, vulnerable, and grappling with a myriad of emotions. Initially, victims may blame themselves for becoming victims of the scam, experiencing overwhelming guilt and shame. This self-blame can hinder their ability to seek help and begin the recovery process.

However, by receiving the right information and support from organizations like SCARS, victims can eliminate these feelings of blame, guilt, and shame. SCARS provides comprehensive education about various scam forms, manipulation techniques, and the psychological impact of scams. This knowledge empowers victims to recognize that they were targeted by skilled criminals who exploited vulnerabilities, rather than being at fault themselves.

By understanding the complexities of scams and the tactics used by scammers, scam victims can shift their perspective from self-blame to self-compassion. They realize that they are not alone in their experience and that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness. With the support of SCARS and its resources, including support groups, helping to find trauma counseling, and educational materials, new scam victims can begin their journey of recovery with confidence and clarity. SCARS helps victims navigate the road to recovery by providing a safe space to share experiences, access valuable resources, and rebuild their lives free from blame, guilt, and shame.

SCARS provides free & confidential scam victim services worldwide!

Telling Your Story to the Police

Talking About the Scam with Your Family & Friends

SCARS Self-Help Books Also Available at

SCARS Self-Help Books also Available at

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